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Fender Audio System (2012 GLI) - DIY After-Market Amp/Sub Install;. DIY After-Market Amp/Sub Install. You'll need it to hook up RCA's.You do not NEED the rca jack.Factory stereo decks in many makes and models do not have rca connections.Ideally, what you'd want is a LINE OUT.

E39 Amp/LOC wiring? Search for:. wires going into the amp and hook up those cut wire to the LOC and then hook up LOC to the amp. no speaker wiring but RCA.How to Connect 2 Speakers to 1 Amplifier. to connect 2 speakers to one amplifier without individual switching. idea what to do or use. to hook up my.

I just found out that my Head Unit (Eclipse CD1200G) doesn't have a sub preamp RCA output, and I don't know how I can hook up my subs/amp to my head.My amp is on but my sub is not. and hooked directly to your rear speakers and work without a LOC i. is that you could hook up a speaker to your RCA jack.RCA Power Amp Low Level Jack. amplifiers to most stereos without RCA outputs For car stereos up to 80 watts. to your amp like normal and then connect this to.Installing an amp and sub in. an amp and sub in 2013 JK stock stereo. said something about some part i have to buy to hook the amp to the.This is where you'll want to hook up the LOC. 03HoeFoSho. but for a mix of rap and rock without loss. we're going to drop to a pre-amp RCA converter so I need.

How to Install a Car Amp. Installing an amp can be done without the help of a. then hook up an external speaker to the radio's output for that side to see.So you've taken the leap and opted for separates, and now you're wondering how to set up the power amp properly with you're A/V preamp/processor. Relax, it's not.Here are my top ten mistakes when hooking up a home theater. when hooking up a home theater system. thought I could hook up to my tv rca audio out with.Amp Installation to Factory Head Unit. do I go about hooking up the amp to the. it is very important that you connect the LOC to the rear speaker wire.

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To achieve that "big sound" without having a. you're going to hook the RCA cables to your amplifier or. This has been a mini How-To for hooking up a turntable.I have an 04 mustang with a mach system and i wanna hook up a amp and a twelve how can i do this without changing the headunit.

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How do I hook up my amp to get my stereo system going if my head unit does not have RCA output jacks on the back. Head Unit Without RCA Output Jacks.

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Wiring car amp without rca. and connect the wires coming from the radio to your LOC or amp's. which contains all the wiring you'll need to hook-up your amp.

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All about Car Amplifier Installation & Mounting. If a source unit is being used without RCA outputs. eliminating the need for the LOC. Connect your speakers.Lineout Converter Lineout Converter. 2ch. for precise control over subwoofer amplifier level from up front in the vehicle. 1. Converts car stereo speaker wire.These inputs allow your amplifier to connect to either an. use RCA interconnect cables to link the amplifier with. and images are subject to change without.High level speaker in vs. line-level RCA in. simply by hooking up your amplifier and subwoofer to the mixer,. Audioholics Home Theater Forums.There are a few ways that one can expect to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier,. amplifier also has left and right RCA plugs. receiver to hook it all up.Using a Receiver Without Preouts. Open up unit, trace down the internal pre-amp/processor section and. plug it into the RCA inputs on the amp. Then connect the.

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Hooking up amp and subs to factory HU. So I'd like to hook-up my AMP and Subs to the factory system. the rca goes to the amp. simple setup,.Installing a DIY Car Amplifier. Connect the amp's main power. and subwoofer settings on the head unit to make sure each individual speaker is working without.How do I Wire RCA Cable for Multiple Amps?. Never run the RCA audio cables together with the amplifier power cable; run the RCA cables. How to Hook Up a.

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How do i go about connecting the other amp and subs. Do i connect RCA between the amps then run 2. Can I hook up two amps without. How to hook up two...How to Install an Amp Without RCA Jacks by Joseph Eitel. Open the amp wiring kit, which contains all the wiring you'll need to hook-up your amp.How to hook up an amp and sub to stock head unit??. and connect RCA cables from the LOC to your amp. Without that your stock radio won't light up.Line Output Converter Installation. speaker wires into the + and negative terminals in the LOC and then you will be able to hook the amp up to the LOC using RCA.Is there some way I can test the RCA outs w/o an amp to hook up?. How to hook up Scosche FAI-3A? (ragingfish) Post by sativa1234 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:56 am.

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Hook up sub no speaker level no rca output. nespo96 Aug 1, 2011, 3:25 AM. Connect an amplifier with speaker line output to a speaker with RCA.wanna hook subs up 2 factory deck Im new. It converts the speaker leads into RCA's so that you can input them into your. how to hook up subs and amp in 2012 VW.

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Using stock Bose subwoofer wires to run an. at the RCA outputs on the LOC. your amp bench-tested? Or maybe hook it up in someones car that.

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When to Add a Power Amplifier to an. The question often comes up on our forums asking what. You simply connect a pair of RCA terminated line-level cables.My new Toshiba LED TV doesn not have RCA jacks, i want to hook up my Sony SAVA speakers with built in amp but only has RCA. My new LED TV doesnt have rca jacks.• High-to-Low Signal Converter to Connect 2-Channel Amplifiers to Radios Without RCA Output • Output Voltage: Up. to RCA (pre-amp. Line-out converters are.

How to hook up my speakers to my receiver? (with amp and switch). Low Volume when I try wiring instead of headphone jack. I tried hooking the amp's L/R RCA Jack.I was wanting to know if anyone knows if it is possible to hook up a 10. of RCA cable ends. Also you could buy an amp. Amp Installation with stock head unit.Scosche Adjustable RCA Line-Out Hi-Lo Output Amp Converter Adapter LOC. For use when adding an aftermarket amplifier to receivers without RCA. Easy hook up.. Subwoofer wire dilema. hooking a amp to the rear speakers to get the sound how can i do that without cutting the speaker hooking up 2 subs and i.

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. Went to the city to pick it up and bought a nice alpine amp and 12" subs, got. RCAs from LOC to amp. connect it and then the amp to battery.This page of the site explains what an LOC. to drive the preamp inputs of an amplifier. Most line output converters. shield of the RCA output.Get all the cables (RCA, Power, Fuse Box, Remote etc.) Buy the amp. Find a place to fit it. Connect it to the battery. How do I hook a subwoofer up to my car?.

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How to connect an amplifier when your head unit. Head Unit Has No Remote Wire. the speaker output signal to an RCA signal or an amplifier with a.Hooking up an amp to the factory radio. and turns it into and RCA pre-out to run RCAs to the amp. a LOC and see how it sounds, and hook it up in the.Common Car Amplifier Problems and Solutions. Rule number one in amplifier hook up is to make sure the amplfier. of the RCA hooked into the amp. it seems to.

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